In the style of a traditional wine estate, our efforts to preserve the natural beauty and bounty of the land are fueled by a collective conviction that this terroir is capable of producing truly extraordinary wines. As stewards of the land, our vision is twofold: first, to meticulously care for the estate with sustainable methods – producing fruit of exceptional quality; then to share the results of our efforts with wine lovers from around the world.

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The Vineyards

Our estate is made up of three vineyard sites: Quail Hill Vineyard, Susanna’s Vineyard and Adam’s Vineyard.

Purchased by Lynn Fritz in 1980, Quail Hill Vineyard is at the heart of Lynmar, with 17 distinct blocks planted with 14 Pinot Noir and 4 Chardonnay clones that make up the backbone of our wine collection. A true jewel of the Russian River Valley, Wine Spectator declared Quail Hill Vineyard one of the best Pinot Noir vineyards in Sonoma County (September 2011).

Susanna’s Vineyard lies in a cool pocket that sits within the Green Valley, Russian River Valley and Sonoma Coast appellations. Though only two miles from Quail Hill, the climate is markedly cooler here, and this climactic counterpoint is reflected in the wines. A gift from Lynn to his wife Anisya, it was planted in 2006 with 10 acres of Pinot Noir, and 10 of Chardonnay, employing the best practices learned at Quail Hill Vineyard over 30 years.

Our most recent addition, Adam’s Vineyard sits above the fog line on a hillside in Forestville overlooking the Russian River Valley. The 9-acre site was planted in 2013 with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Warmer than both Quail Hill and Susanna’s, we are very excited about what these new vines will bring to the Lynmar portfolio.

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Sustainable farming – vine by vine – is the core of Lynmar’s winemaking philosophy. We carefully balance planted vineyard blocks with diverse habitat, welcoming a variety of fauna on the estate. We use permanent California-native cover crops to save water, reduce erosion and improve soil quality, and refrain from using insecticides, to maintain a natural balance. Owl boxes erected throughout the vineyards encourage a healthy population of barn owls, naturally controlling rodent population. Intense, continuous soil mapping and plant-tissue sampling create flourishing vines without unnecessary fertilization. Thriving organic flower and vegetable gardens not only provide beauty and bounty for our kitchen, but also a thriving habitat for bees, butterflies and birds.

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Gravity-Flow Winery & Caves

Our state-of-the-art, multilevel, gravity-flow winery allows the gentlest treatment of the grapes as they arrive in the cellar. Harvested in the cool, early morning hours, the delicate clusters are transferred to the press with a forklift to avoid pumping. The juice is drained by gravity, then allowed to settle and complete fermentation before being transferred to French oak barrels for aging in our cool, 9000-square-foot cave.

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Block-by-Block Vineyard Practices

Our sustainable philosophy determines all of our vineyard practices – with each step taken to achieve harmony and balance in the vineyard. We maintain our own year-round vineyard crew – a rarity in today’s wine culture – to ensure that our team is intimately familiar with the vines’ seasonal needs. We meticulously hand prune our vines, block by block, a minimum of 10 times each. We want to understand the rhythm of each individual vintage, carefully tracking the vines and tailoring all our efforts – pruning, training, leafing, thinning and irrigation – to ensure the absolute best fruit at harvest time. This same theory applies when we harvest; our crew might visit a block two, three, four times or more to ensure the clusters are picked at perfect ripeness.

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The Lynmar Estate borders the western edge of the Laguna de Santa Rosa, a 22-mile sanctuary of creeks, marshes, wetlands and oak woodlands that extends from Cotati to Forestville. The Laguna is the largest tributary of the Russian River, and Sonoma County’s richest wildlife preserve. It is considered a wetlands region of international significance, supporting a vast range of wildlife that includes the river otters, Western pond turtle, mountain lion, Steelhead trout, Coho salmon and more than 200 varieties of birds. It is a common site from Lynmar Estate to spot a bald eagle soaring over the Laguna.

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Vineyard Team

Like traditional winegrowing estates of the past, Lynmar is one of the few Sonoma County estates to maintain a permanent in-house vineyard team. Led by Jason Saling, our vineyard crew has literally thousands of hours of hands-on experience with our estate vineyards, helping them understand the sites’ unique growing cycles and natural order at a level rarely seen today. The team also enjoys a symbiotic relationship with the winemaking team, together managing 70 individual vineyard blocks and 19 clones that transform into 90 separate lots of wine in the cellar.

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Culinary & Garden Team

Our full-time garden and culinary teams work hand-in-hand to create a stunning array of edible plantings throughout our estate, designed not only to delight the palate, but to please the eye. These are not formal garden beds … nor are they rigid production plots. Instead they are beautifully inter-planted compositions of flower, fruit and vegetable that reflect the bounty of the Russian River Valley terroir.