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LYN Lebanese Lamb Recipe2

Lebanese Lamb Tenderloin

Lebanese Lamb Tenderloin

Serves: 4

Recipe by Lynmar Estate Chef David Frakes

For the Lamb

8 ea Lamb Tenderloins

1 T Lebanese Spice (Recipe below)

1 T Garlic (minced)

To coat Rice Bran Oil (or Vegetable Oil)

To taste Salt & Fresh-Cracked Black Pepper (…just before dusting and cooking!)

Trim and marinate lamb in garlic, spices and oil for 6 hours to overnight.

Remove marinade before cooking, season to taste, then dust in rice flour mixture before searing in large pan for about two minutes on each side…

Immediately place tenderloins onto a rack-lined sheet pan, then roast in a 400 degree F. oven for about 5 minutes.

Rotate pan, turn lamb over and cook for about two more minutes.

Remove from oven and let meat rest for five minutes before slicing/presenting…Lamb should be medium-rare.

Rice Flour Crust

1 C Rice Flour

2 t Lebanese Spice

1 t Kosher Salt

½ t Fresh-Cracked Black Pepper

Lebanese Spice Mix

1 T Allspice (ground)

1 T Black Pepper (fresh-cracked

1 T Cinnamon (ground)

1 T Ginger (ground)

1 T Nutmeg

2 t Clove (ground)

1 t Fenugreek