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The Ultimate Expression of our Estate

We strive for complete perfection in each of our handcrafted small-lot Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines.

Winemaking is not just a one-year process, it’s a long game. We make decisions looking outside our back deck, and looking thirty years down the road.

- Lynn & Anisya Fritz

Lynmar Estate Climate Laguna
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Picked at Its Peak

Lynmar Estate vineyards include fifteen clones of Pinot Noir and four clones of Chardonnay, each vine painstakingly matched to soil and climate conditions of a particular block. During harvest, the Vineyard team will return two, three, even four times to a single block to perfectly harvest every cluster.

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Meticulously Crafted

Once each block is harvested, it is sequestered as its own raw material. Our winemaker Pete Soergel makes his decisions based on the character of the grapes from that block – essentially producing 90 distinct lots of wine each year, that he blends into our final Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines.

Lynmar Estate Winery Caves

Gravity Flow Facility

Lynmar’s specialized equipment and infrastructure are highly unusual for a family-run winery. We feel strongly that the right equipment for the job is essential. The juice flows by gravity, unsullied by pumps or forced by pipes, into Lynmar's 10,000 square foot underground caves for pristine aging.

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The Proof is in the Wine

The ultimate expression of our cumulative efforts is our small-lot, vineyard designated portfolio of 10 Chardonnay, 14 Pinot Noir, and 1 Rosé. Sharing these wines with Lynmar Advocates and friends is our greatest passion and source of daily joy.

Winemaking Team

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Our dedicated winemaking team: Enologist Kenny Smestad, Winemaker Pete Soergel, and Cellar Master Cami Straw.