Lynmar Popcorn Recipe | Lynmar Estate
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Cara Cara Orange & Chardonnay Salt Popcorn

Bring the flavor of Lynmar Estate’s specialty popcorn home with this gourmet seasoning from Estate Chef David Frakes that pairs perfectly with our Monastery Chardonnay.



1 cup rice bran oil (or non-GMO corn oil)

2 cups organic corn kernels

1⁄2 cup extra-virgin olive oil

1 tablespoon Cara Cara Orange & Chardonnay Salt (recipe below)

Cara Cara Orange & Chardonnay Salt

1 1⁄2 cups Kosher Salt

1⁄2 cup Chardonnay

2 Tbs Cara Cara Orange Juice (or Navel/Valencia)

1 tsp Cara Cara Orange Zest


For Popcorn

1. Place oil and kernels in a very large stock pot, shake to evenly distribute, then cook over high heat until the popcorn starts to pop.

2. Give pot one more shake, then let the kernels pop away.

3. Remove lid after about 2 minutes, so that you can see how far it has come up the sides.

4. Once it is about 3 seconds between ‘pops’, immediately remove from heat and let sit for one minute to finish popping.

5. Pour popcorn into a clean bus tub (or other very large bowl), making sure to keep an eye open for any kernels that may not have popped completely at bottom. (Discard those.)

6. Drizzle with olive oil and mix in salt to finish.

7. Toss well to combine, then let sit for 10-15 minutes before storing in an airtight container. (This prevents popcorn from ‘steaming’ and becoming chewy.)

For Cara Cara Orange & Chardonnay Salt

1. Place all ingredients in a medium-sized bowl and mix well with whisk.

2. Line a sheet pan or large plate with parchment paper. Very lightly brush the parchment paper with olive oil (this will make it easier to remove salt once dried). Spread salt mixture as thin as possible on parchment paper. Place in a warm area of kitchen, uncovered, for a day or two, until the salt is hard enough to pulverize in a processor.

3. Once salt is dried, break into small pieces and place in a food processor to pulverize.

4. Sift through fine-meshed sieve and store in an airtight container until ready to use.

5. Use to season popcorn, before finishing with oil of your choice, we recommend Meyer Lemon Oil.