Pinot & Pizza Pairings | Lynmar Estate

Pinot & Pizza Pairings

We have hosted an annual Pinot & Pizza event at our Estate for the past 17 years (albeit a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic). Our guests have enjoyed the imaginative topping combinations from Chef David. After numerous requests, we are happy to share four of his signature pizzas so you can host your own pizza party at home.

Everyone has their own comfort level with making pizza from scratch, so we invite you to follow that path that's best for your skill level. You can make your own dough from your favorite recipe or purchase a pre-made dough from a grocer. When it comes to stretching the dough, it takes practices to get a perfectly thin and round pizza. If this is beyond your abilities, there is no shame in using a rolling pin to get an even dough. Your crust may be a bit thin, but your pizza will cook evenly.

Use our ideas above for toppings and accompany with your favorite Lynmar Pinot Noirs. All of them will pair spectacularly with pizza, and we particularly enjoy the 2019 Young Vines Pinot Noir due to its silky mouthfeel and juicy strawberry and floral notes.